History of Heinfels Castle

Burg Heinfels um 1800
Heinfels Castle, ca. 1800, paper drawing, allegedly by Ignaz Mathias Paprion,
1752 – 1812 (Parish priest and local historian), parochial archives of Sillian.
After the Görz dynasty died out around 1500, Heinfels and the whole county went to Emperor Maximilian I. Between 1654 and 1783, the castle went to the Royal Convent in Hall, then became state property. In 1833, the castle was transferred to those 18 municipalities that resided in the former county of Heinfels. It was used to shelter the poor and homeless. Between 1880 and 1910, the castle was used as a military barracks. The market town of Sillian became the sole owner of the castle in 1936, making it into a private property.
Burg Heinfels Westansicht
The castle to the west, with its western wing, keep (‘Hunnenturm’)
and wall remains from the collapsed palas.
In 2005, following an agreement with the municipalities of Heinfels and Sillian, the Loacker company purchased Heinfels Castle with the aim of revitalising the structure. The main aim of the company is to open the castle once again to the general public, making it a meeting point for everyone in the Hochpustertal, and making it into a venue for cultural events and a tourist attraction. Moreover, a hybrid open and private gastronomic offer is being developed for this purposed. To reach this goal, the first phase will include a sustainable and extensive main redevelopment to avoid the continuous dilapidation of the castle, as well as maintaining it for future generations and guaranteeing it becomes a visible landmark bursting with life.

In the coming years, we will have to incentivise the main redevelopment of Heinfels Castle and develop useful and sensible ideas for its use. All this will be possible only with the joint and coordinated efforts of the province of Tyrol, the Austrian Federal Monuments Office, the municipalities of the Hochpustertal valley, Loacker but also the local population and economy.