Current status of the project

Heinfels Castle’s main redevelopment should be complete and open once again to the general public within five years. An ambitious goal if you were to take a peek inside the imposing castle, as the last centuries haven’t been kind to the halls and chambers, leaving them to dilapidate. Things are about to change. Everyone is pulling out all stops both in the region and across its border to ensure one of the most important cultural and historic projects yet can be successfully completed.

Current status of the project

Nov. 2015 Presentation of the concept regarding the use of the building (district councils of the Planning group 35 - East Tyrolean Oberland)
Sept. 2015 Workshop organised by the Austrian Federal Monuments Office at Heinfels Castle focussing on ruins/construction, the castle chapel, and public opening
June - July 2015 Excursions to castles in North and South Tyrol (Altfinstermünz, Haderburg, Trostburg, Burg Taufers)
May 2015 Start of the working groups and the Steering Group
April 2015 Registration of the Museumsverein Burg Heinfels at the Austrian Registry of Associations
April 2015 Choice of Management of the Museumsverein Burg Heinfels, Administration: local authority of Heinfels
April 2015 Application to register as a non-profit association at the Austrian Federal Chancellor’s Office and Tax and Revenue Office.
April 2015 Decision regarding the CI (Corporate Identity) of the Museumsverein Burg Heinfels, logo development and website creation
March 2015 Creation of the Steering Group of the Museumsverein Burg Heinfels, publication of the statutes.
Sept. 2014 Foundation of the Museumsverein Burg Heinfels (Saturday 6 September 2014)

2015 goals

  • Agreement regarding the use of the castle reached between the Museumsverein Burg Heinfels and the owner of the castle, A. Loacker Tourismus GmbH
  • Drafting and approval of a concept regarding the use of Heinfels Castle for public and private events.
  • Finalising the financing of the main redevelopment of Heinfels Castle.
  • Development of a financially sustainable concept for the main redevelopment based on the building’s long-term use.

At present, all efforts and preparations aim to redevelop the castle as quickly as possible. This challenging building project will be implemented between 2016 and 2019 and include the following:

  • Reconstruction of fallen walls (reconstruction of the palas, regardless of available financial means)
  • Maintenance of all ceilings, floors, and indoor plaster.
  • Completion of the ceilings
  • Restoration of the façades
  • Laying of the main installation to ensure no changes are required to the structure when the whole project is completed
  • Restoration of existing windows and doors; alternatively, fitting new ones
  • Simple but thorough setting up of the still preserved historic features such as ceiling and wall panelling
  • Transformation of the chapel into a dedicated museum

The main redevelopment will guarantee the open use of the building to the general public. The concept regarding the use of the building will only be implemented in a second phase; this will be considered when carrying out the main redevelopment.

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The 25th edition of the International Choir Festival brings some choirs for the first time to Heinfels Castle! On Saturday, 18. 6., choirs from Italy will give a guest performance in the impressive historical scenery, starting at 1 pm. Free entry, welcome!

Recently, a Viscope telescope has been added to our castle tour! With a look through the telescope you get the most important info about the panoramic points like mountain peaks or places in the region.

We are really looking forward to the regular start of the new season on May 1st! In addition to our guided time travel through the historical castle, you can also explore the outdoor areas, the platforms and the keep on your own during the panoramic tour. In summer, many events invite you to visit the castle!

The museum opened as early as May, but it was not until July that the travel restrictions fell. By the end of the season on 7 November, 12,372 visitors had been counted at Heinfels Castle.

For the first time, the 10,000-visitor threshold was exceeded in one season. We were very happy about this together with our guests from Germany!


After more than 200 years, a bell rings again at Heinfels Castle. Bishop Hermann Glettler consecrated the new guardian angel bell on May 9.

New at the beginning of the 2021 season: The outdoor areas of Heinfels Castle can be explored on your own as part of the panoramic tour during opening hours! As soon as conditions permit, our guided tours of the extensive castle grounds will also take place.

Only rarely does the castle experience such winters; for weeks the complex lay under a thick layer of snow of over 150 cm. The access roads were barely kept clear and only with difficulty could the most important parts of the castle be reached.

On 15 July 2020 we opened Heinfels Castle. In this short and very challenging season, we were nevertheless able to welcome 5508 visitors in 659 guided tours until October 26 due to the worldwide pandemic with many travel restrictions!

On Wednesday, July 15, we started the first summer season with the museum, shop and castle tavern. The preparations for this were already in full swing for some time.

The current situation also has Heinfels Castle firmly under control. Construction work has resumed after the obligatory break and we are continuing to work flat out to complete the museum.

Three years ago the elaborate work on the largest profane restoration project in Tyrol began. All the roofs of the castle, with the exception of the tower from 1992, have now been newly roofed and the access paths inside the complex have already been paved. The opening of the museum is planned for early summer 2020