Three castles, three perspectives

Three castles, three perspectives

The Südtiroler Burgeninstitut (the South Tyrolean Castle Institute) invited Management of the Museumsverein and the Steering Group to visit a number of castles in and around South Tyrol on 14 July 2015.

The Haderburg in Salurn, near Bozen, the Trostburg in Waidruck, and the Burg Sand in Taufers are three excellent examples of castles which can be considered when tackling the project of Heinfels Castle. Wolfgang von Klebelsberg, Chair of the Südtiroler Burgeninstituts, recounted his own personal experiences and gave detailed answers to the many questions of the participants in his capacity as expert in the field.
While the owners and managers of the Haderburg, an eclectic ruin featuring a castle inn, still face big challenges today not only because of its very exposed location, the Burg Sand in Taufers is the opposite, a classic example of how to successfully exploit a structure for touristic purposes. Whereas the Trostburg stands out for its picturesque location and vast collection of original furnishings and features. The aim here is to uphold a considerate use of the structures and maintain unique, cultural heritages.
The Museumsverein Burg Heinfels and the Steering Group would hereby like to thank the Institute for its excellent guide, allowing it to bring back home many ideas that will continue to flow into future developments of the project.


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The 25th edition of the International Choir Festival brings some choirs for the first time to Heinfels Castle! On Saturday, 18. 6., choirs from Italy will give a guest performance in the impressive historical scenery, starting at 1 pm. Free entry, welcome!

Recently, a Viscope telescope has been added to our castle tour! With a look through the telescope you get the most important info about the panoramic points like mountain peaks or places in the region.

We are really looking forward to the regular start of the new season on May 1st! In addition to our guided time travel through the historical castle, you can also explore the outdoor areas, the platforms and the keep on your own during the panoramic tour. In summer, many events invite you to visit the castle!

The museum opened as early as May, but it was not until July that the travel restrictions fell. By the end of the season on 7 November, 12,372 visitors had been counted at Heinfels Castle.

For the first time, the 10,000-visitor threshold was exceeded in one season. We were very happy about this together with our guests from Germany!


After more than 200 years, a bell rings again at Heinfels Castle. Bishop Hermann Glettler consecrated the new guardian angel bell on May 9.

New at the beginning of the 2021 season: The outdoor areas of Heinfels Castle can be explored on your own as part of the panoramic tour during opening hours! As soon as conditions permit, our guided tours of the extensive castle grounds will also take place.

Only rarely does the castle experience such winters; for weeks the complex lay under a thick layer of snow of over 150 cm. The access roads were barely kept clear and only with difficulty could the most important parts of the castle be reached.

On 15 July 2020 we opened Heinfels Castle. In this short and very challenging season, we were nevertheless able to welcome 5508 visitors in 659 guided tours until October 26 due to the worldwide pandemic with many travel restrictions!

On Wednesday, July 15, we started the first summer season with the museum, shop and castle tavern. The preparations for this were already in full swing for some time.

The current situation also has Heinfels Castle firmly under control. Construction work has resumed after the obligatory break and we are continuing to work flat out to complete the museum.

Three years ago the elaborate work on the largest profane restoration project in Tyrol began. All the roofs of the castle, with the exception of the tower from 1992, have now been newly roofed and the access paths inside the complex have already been paved. The opening of the museum is planned for early summer 2020