800 years of Castle Heinfels

Join us on a journey through history!

The museum extends over an interior and exterior area of 1000 m² and offers a experience of historical masonry, magnificent views and vividly presented history.

Narrow battlements and round towers alternate with wide panoramic views. Modern architecture opens up the ruins and the highest tower for those who are free from giddiness.

Visitors are guided through Heinfels castle exclusively by trained cultural mediators. In each castle chamber, each hall, a chapter of the eventful history of Heinfels is told. Castle models, film and audio stations, photographs, original objects and animations are used.

The journey through time begins with the founding legend of Heinfels, with the fight of the legendary giant Haunold against the Huns. It takes us through everyday life at Heinfels, the geopolitical situation and the storming of the castle during the peasant uprisings. Persecuted people such as the Hutterites - supporters of a reform of the church - have their say, as does Thomas Hanns, the convicted murderer of the cook at Heinfels.


The centrally located castle shop is the starting point of the guided tours and invites you to browse.

The striking building in the entrance area is definitely worth a visit: a steeply rising rock face, which was uncovered in the course of construction work, combines nature with modern architecture.

The fountain from the Middle Ages, in the depth of which the legendary treasure of Heinfels Castle is suspected to lie, invites you to linger.

In addition to high-quality souvenir items, creative articles from the fields of culture, handicrafts and local tradition complete the varied range of products. There is something for everyone! For the little princess, the young knight and everyone who wants to take home a souvenir of Heinfels Castle.


Our employees are open to questions and concerns about Heinfels Castle.

Our shop is also freely accessible without a ticket!